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Get your limited Orion x r0ok "Too Gold To Rage" Collab Hoodie NOW!!!

This hoodie is limited to FIRST TWENTY ORDERS then will be GONE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!
We are not going to print these again!!!!

This hoodie is a collaborative effort with Orion Stephens (@orionstephens).
Original Design by Tyler Campos. 

It is not a one person's job to spread positivity and reinforce the benefits of healthy mind and strong society. Of course, we have received support from some of best people for our collaboration projects. All the unique and trendy items in this category are the love children of quirky minds and creative experts and kindest hearts.

With these collaborations, we strive to reach out to more people, faster, and spread our message effectively. There's a sense of belonging in following the trends that speak about the causes that are close to our hearts.

To the robust quality of our items, our creative collaborators add the sparkle of glamour! You can always enjoy the same luxury of clothing with the bonus of latest fashion.

- Light feel of the fabric, tough companion for your daily shenanigans

- Trendy designs from turtleneck to long sleeves

- Suitable for all casual occasions and random adventures

- Freedom to wear your opinion

*All orders come with a tracking number and shipping confirmation when they ship. Due to current pandemic-related delays, please allow up to 14 business days for your order to ship. Please contact our customer service email if your order hasn't shipped after 14 days.

*A portion of all sales directly benefits our designated charity of the month.

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