My Story. Our Cause.

Ty's Story. Our Cause.

*All sales directly benefit awareness charities.

Hello there!
My name is Tyler. I am the founder of r0ok Clothing Co & r0ok Token.

I started this company with one insanely large mission in mind: to spread awareness of the importance of mental health, and to change/remove the ridiculously negative stigma attached to mental illness.

We are not just spreading awareness on just mental health, but also addiction awareness, suicide awareness, amongst other important causes and issues that need to be brought to light in this difficult world we face today.

I myself am clinically diagnosed with bpd (borderline personality disorder), bipolar ii, and epilepsy.
My whole life has been a struggle, whether by my own doing or by force of nature. From atypical family issues, to mental illness, to many bouts with addiction, and also bad decisions with even worse outcomes, but ultimately ending up with somewhat of a success story.

One dreary day in 2019, I was particularly depressed and anxious. In the process of calming down, I started thinking.

"Hmmm... how can I make a difference so no one else has to deal with feeling like this?"

And then BOOM!

That's the moment r0ok was born. With an ensuing ideas of spreading hope and sharing my artistic creations, except in a more positive light.

If I can prevent someone, just one person, from going through what I've went through... then we can consider r0ok Clothing Co a huge success.

In the beginning of 2021, I decided to take r0ok a step further and founded my own cryptocurrency coin called r0ok Token, with the exact same principles that I founded the brand with. 

As we move full force into the future, I plan on doing more to give r0ok the biggest shot at making as much of a difference as possible, involving different industries and areas. I hope you choose to join me on this adventure in doing our part in the bigger cause, creating mass awareness towards the importance of mental health awareness.

Thank you for your time,
and thank you for your support.
-Ty 🖤

Listen to Ty's live national radio interview talking about r0ok right here!



 Just in case you don't have a clear idea, let's try in different terms.

Have you or someone you love felt very powerful but always underestimated?
In the game of chess, there is a particular piece that is very powerful but always underestimated. 
It is known as the rook. This is where we got our name.

Life can be like a game of chess. Never really knowing in advance what your next move might be.
Can you imagine constantly having that insecure feeling?
That is what people with mental illness face every day, every hour, and sometimes every second.

With r0ok Clothing, your clothes speak volumes louder than your mouth.
You don't owe anyone an explanation, so your outfit will do the talking.

Let your clothing speak for YOURself. 🖤


*All sales directly benefit awareness charities.