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December 05, 2020 1 min read

So, I wrote the poem below while I was in bed feeling low.

Reflecting over my past relationships, how I would ignore red flags and also become what someone else wanted me to be, just so they would stick around.

It would never last long and would worsen my fear of abandonment due to a sort of, self-fulfilling prophecy.

This was just a little something to get off my chest.

Thank You,
Bryan Ingram


I'll be the best thing you've ever seen
If you tell me everything you want me to be
Anything so you don't leave

Your needs become mine
I'll believe your lies
Anything so you don't say goodbye

Molded into someone else
In order to keep you
I need to be
Anyone else that isn't me

One day will come
I'll show you me
When that day comes
You'll want to leave

Then you'll look back and see
All the love you missed
Because I was the best thing you've ever seen



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