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November 07, 2020 2 min read

Day 3 of “Lockdown 2.0” in England and I’m already struggling much more than I did through the whole of the first one. I don’t even know what to put here right now, concentrating is hard and is taking all my energy.

The winter months is when I see my moods really take a huge dip, and that’s without a global pandemic and lockdown thrown in. It’s cold, it’s darker and the nights are longer.

The world is very heavy right now with a whole load of huge events going on, which can often leave one feeling selfish for having these negative thoughts and emotions. But then I tell myself that regardless of world events, I am still living with a mental illness and symptoms don’t go away.

Getting out and going for walks is personally very beneficial for my mental health, so I am glad we are able to go out as much as we like while social distancing this time around. Even in the dreary, wet weather.

Social media has been positive and negative throughout lockdown, positive because we can stay connected but negative because we are absorbing all that is going on in the world. While we need to be educated and aware of situations changing, seeing it 24/7 can be extremely damaging. Sometimes I have to leave my phone in another room to prevent me from spending too much time online.

I’ve found even spending time in a different room has helped me. Also, making plans to video call friends, do my hobbies such as tiktok, gaming and tv shows. Food and drink is also very important.

-Bryan Ingram (@BpdBryan) 

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