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December 19, 2020 1 min read

Here is another poem I have written. This time it’s about the feelings when you’re in a toxic relationship/friendship.

Just today, I decided to delete the dating apps as I’m really wanting to focus on myself and progressing further on my own before letting another person in. 
Hope you take something away from it.
Love you all,
Bryan Ingram 

"Good Enough" by Bryan Ingram

I'm good enough when you have no one else
I'm good enough but there's no one you'll tell
I'm good enough to be your secret
I'm good enough until you've used me up
I'm good enough when it's convenient
I'm good enough as your back up


I'm good enough for someone better
I'm good enough to know I deserve more
I'm good enough without you
I'm good enough for me

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